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Re: a color management issue and how do I link TOOL_NAME stuffs with App

From: thisguyisi
Subject: Re: a color management issue and how do I link TOOL_NAME stuffs with AppKit
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:53:17 -0800
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Alex Perez wrote:
On 25 Nov 2003, Adam Fedor wrote:

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 05:36, Banlu Kemiyatorn wrote:
Color management:
Where should I put color profile in the file system? On OSX it uses




Since I'm working on Maliwan and Blu Tulip (http://maliwan.sf.net)
and some parts of it could be added for color management system
which I was thinking of trying to add to GNUstep's color system in
future so it would be nice if there's a standard directory for keeping
icc colour profiles. May be somone want to discuss about
color management API for GNUstep. You are always welcome
at #gnustep

Well that's cool!  I had tried looking around for a color management
library a while ago, but couldn't find anything that had the right
license or was written in a decent language (c++, ugh!).

I think ColorSync/Profiles would be OK, but I'm not sure why Apple has
so many separate directories devoted to similar things (Colors,
ColorPickers already exist as well). It might be nice to consolidate
everything under the Colors directory and have subdirectories under
At the risk of getting burned to a crisp for saying this, why break a 
standard and create another, completely unused and completely proprietory 
standard when one already exists. Can't we live with a somewhat poopy 
directory structure?

Alex Perez

Discuss-gnustep mailing list

What about the "GNUstep Filesystem Hierarchy Document", (or even the "Proposed GNUstep Filesystem Hierarchy" or "LinuxSTEP Filesystem Hierarchy" standards that have been suggested)?

The "GNUstep Filesystem Hierarchy Document"  states the following for these subdirectories of the '/Library' directory:

"/ColorPickers: This directory contains bundles that are used by the color picking system. They may include code that implements picking colors from a color wheel,
a custom defined list of colors, etc."

"/Colors: This directory contains files that define specific color mappings for use within libraries or applications that require color definitions."

Couldn't different profiles just be added as subdirectories to these?


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