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Re: [OT] GentooLinux GNUstep Developer

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: Re: [OT] GentooLinux GNUstep Developer
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 15:53:48 -1000

They don't allow for exceptions to be made for *Debian* packages. That is why I created my own GNUstep repository for GNUstep stuff which installs in sensible locations.

If you're running Debian sarge (might work with woody, never bothered to try):

All you gotta do is add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb     http://simplygnustep.sourceforge.net/Packages/     binary-i386/
deb-src http://simplygnustep.sourceforge.net/Packages/     source/

Do an "apt-get update"

and then a "apt-get install sgstep-meta-user"

and "apt-get install sgstep-meta-developer"

there are also games:

"apt-get install sgstep-meta-games"

It's that easy.


On Nov 26, 2003, at 9:24 PM, Alex Perez wrote:

The GentooLinux team currently finding developer/maintainer of GNUstep
for Gentoo.
They seemed unresponsive when I was using Gentoo, so I changed distribution. I think helping the Debian GNUstep packages would have a larger effect.
The problem with this is that any official GNUstep packages which are
distributed by debian MUST be installed in /usr/lib per their
specification. They do not allow exceptions to be made.

Alex Perez

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