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libxml / libxml2 and configure

From: Sean Charles
Subject: libxml / libxml2 and configure
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 20:36:17 -0800

In a nutshell, AAAGGHH!!!
I have spent hours and hours trying to get them to co-operate. I am on Win32 with MinGW and all was well until I couldn't run the xmlparse program and so began the long road into chaos. Many hours of reading and trying have left me no better off, except my Unix SH scripting is a little hotter!
I have seen all the posts about 'ln' xml-config to 'xml-config2' and all that, it gets you past the build but *still* xmlparse throws up the error at runtime.
Any clues anybody?
I used to program Objective-C on Mac OS X until pretty recently so I am no beginner with the language, I have *successfully* got GNUStep up and running on SuSe 8.1 professional but why oh why is it always Windows that is the pain in the butt?
Thanks in advance
Sean Charles.
PS: Always glad to answer anything at anytime, been mashing software for about 20 years, stacks of Smalltalk which is why I love Objective-C, and general all round try-to-be-useful person.
PPS: GNUstep is fantastic to find once you leave Macs! I must get another one soon!

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