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Re: Summary: GNUstep make and frameworks

From: Pete French
Subject: Re: Summary: GNUstep make and frameworks
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 12:59:08 +0000

> By the way, the applications that are generated by GNUstep make have 
> the old format used on OPENSTEP. That's fine and they run ok on MacOSX, 
> though with a standard icon. Has anybody already written a small tool 

Hmm. Mine dont run with a standard icon! Are you sure you have set up
the correct icns file for the application ? My makefile looks like this.

ifeq ($(FOUNDATION_LIB), gnu)
        Rattatosk_APPLICATION_ICON = squirrel.gif
        Rattatosk_RESOURCE_FILES += squirrel.gif
        ADDITIONAL_GUI_LIBS += -lRenaissance
        Rattatosk_APPLICATION_ICON = squirrel.icns
        Rattatosk_RESOURCE_FILES += squirrel.icns
        ADDITIONAL_INCLUDE_DIRS += -framework Renaissance
        ADDITIONAL_GUI_LIBS += -lz -framework Renaissance

...and that works fine. You neeed a  separate icns file for use under OSC
but it definitely works properly.


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