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Re: makefile skeletons?

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: makefile skeletons?
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 14:36:22 +0100

Nicola Pero wrote:
> > Where can GNUmakefile skeletons (for applications, tools, etc) be found?
> Good question/suggestion.  We don't have an official (or unofficial, for
> what matters) set of GNUmakefile skeletons.
> I see two main uses for GNUmakefile skeletons - one as starting points.
> In that case, probably minimal GNUmakefiles are best.

This seems like a good idea. Would make it easier to find something to
copy&paste from. :)  (I've already set up editor macros to quickly
generate makefiles, though, so it's use for me might be limited.)

> Another use is as a commented reference of which variables you can use in
> each type of GNUmakefile.  Presumably having example GNUmakefiles
> containing a list of all variables which can be defined with comments, and
> examples of how to define them, would be a useful reference.

But this sort of information should be readily available elsewhere (ie.
in the manual). If users feel that there is a need for this, we probably
have documentation issues to fix.

> Any comments ?
> Shall we set up such sets ?  What about a new core/make/Examples/
> subdirectory on CVS ?

Examples definitely don't belong in core/. All our other examples are
(or should be :) in usr-apps/examples/. I'm not sure I'd call a minimal
skeleton GNUmakefile an example, though.

Alexander V. Diemand wrote:
> Best place for things "in the general interest" might be:
> http://wiki.gnustep.org

Yes, the wiki is probably the best place to get it started and find out
what users/developers really want.

- Alexander Malmberg

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