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Re: RFC: Appreciation of .gmodel format (was deprecation)

From: Georg Fleischmann
Subject: Re: RFC: Appreciation of .gmodel format (was deprecation)
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 19:14:55 GMT

> If there are still a lot of applications which are dependent on .gmodel files
> it should not be deprecated yet.

Well, we here are in the process of releasing a huge free software project,  
which uses gmodel files extensively. These are converted automatically from  
nib-files to save time.
I would prefer spending my time in fixing bugs, than replacing announced  
deprecated stuff which just works.

Additionally, I'm a fan of ASCII formats like gmodel-files (or Renaissance),  
so I never thought much of using Gorm yet. I'm more of waiting for some ASCII  
support of Gorm.

> 1) .gmodel files do not provide an exact translation, since there is
> information in the .nib files which isn't accessible to us using just the
> AppKit classes (there are some private NeXT/Apple objects/data-structures
> which are encoded in .nibs which nib2gmodel doesn't know about).

I'm adding the missing tags using a script and a little tool. So I am able to  
fully automatically convert my nib-files to gmodel-files. This being about 200.

gmodel-files still have advantages and that gives them a right to live.

Best wishes,

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