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Re: RFC: Appreciation of .gmodel format (was deprecation)

From: Gregory John Casamento
Subject: Re: RFC: Appreciation of .gmodel format (was deprecation)
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 17:39:32 -0800 (PST)


--- Georg Fleischmann <address@hidden> wrote:
> > If there are still a lot of applications which are dependent on .gmodel
> files
> > it should not be deprecated yet.
> Well, we here are in the process of releasing a huge free software project,  
> which uses gmodel files extensively. These are converted automatically from  
> nib-files to save time.
> I would prefer spending my time in fixing bugs, than replacing announced  
> deprecated stuff which just works.

> Additionally, I'm a fan of ASCII formats like gmodel-files (or Renaissance), 
> so I never thought much of using Gorm yet. I'm more of waiting for some ASCII
> support of Gorm.

Gorm's output format is dependent on NSData which, by default, encodes objects
in binary form.   If this could be changed it would definitely be an advantage,
since it would mean that *all* data encoded by GNUstep programs would be output
to text-based formats instead of binary.

For instance, if I have an NSNumber and I encode it using the archiver, it will
by output to a file in binary form.  This is basically what Gorm does to all of
the objects in the GUI it creates.   Therefore any change to the encoding
format would effect Gorm.

It is possible to create an alternate implementation of NSData which outputs
text, but this hasn't been tried.

> > 1) .gmodel files do not provide an exact translation, since there is
> > information in the .nib files which isn't accessible to us using just the
> > AppKit classes (there are some private NeXT/Apple objects/data-structures
> > which are encoded in .nibs which nib2gmodel doesn't know about).
> I'm adding the missing tags using a script and a little tool. So I am able to
> fully automatically convert my nib-files to gmodel-files. This being about
> 200.

I'm glad to see GNUstep being put to such use.

> gmodel-files still have advantages and that gives them a right to live.

There are a number of fundamental issues with .gmodel files.  The only
"advantage" of them for now is that they are ASCII based.

> Best wishes,
> Georg


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