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Re: objc-load error: TLS

From: PUYDT Julien
Subject: Re: objc-load error: TLS
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 16:33:11 +0100

On mar, 2004-01-06 at 11:41, Jonathan Hepburn wrote:
> Now I am very, VERY, annoyed.
> Having spent ten minutes writing a carefully detailed email about an
> error that was causing a total and utter failure to run any GNUStep
> application (I use rather a lot, so this was a very annoying problem), I
> tried something silly and drastic and it WORKED.
> So:
> If anyone is using fairly recent NVidia graphics drivers (4*** or 5***)
> combined with a fairly recent (for e.g. RH9 or Debian Sid/Testing)
> libc6/glibc and gets the following error: 'objc-load:libGL.so.1 cannot
> handle TLS data'
> The solution is to delete the /usr/lib/tls directory entirely. All it
> contains is NVidia libraries that aren't necessary (I would check this
> before doing any deletion: maybe move to tls.bk or something, or just
> delete the libGL* links and files) and break when combined with this
> particular libc6.
> I hope this helps someone else.

The debian packages for nvidia-glx disable the installation of the tls
libs when you run a 2.4 kernel; for more information:

Snark on #gnustep

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