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[Q] New to GNUstep -- VERY basic documentation?

From: Sascha Erni, -.rb
Subject: [Q] New to GNUstep -- VERY basic documentation?
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 09:24:18 +0100
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Good morning everybody,

I recently switched to Linux as my main desktop OS, one reason (among many others) being GNUstep. I am NOT a developer; still, I like to tweak things. I have no moral issues changing header files prior to compiling small applications, and I love to hunt form missing libraries. I'm also lucky that one of my current co-workers is a GNUstep advocate, so there you are.

Problem is, though: I might start getting on the nerves of said co-worker. :) He's a developer hence he doesn't get kicks out of somebody asking him how to launch GNUstep applications and the like. My past NeXT/OpenStep experiences happened over 10 years ago, so here's my question:

Are there any "GNUstep primers" or very, very basic resources available online? I am willing to dig in framework abstracts if necessary, but quite frankly I'd already be happy to learn, say, the importance of proper file permissions (is it exactly the same approach as with vanilla Linux, or are there additional things to keep in mind), how the GWorkspace tool association system works (and how you can add more applications in tool inspector), where exactly GNUMail et al store their defaults, what to do if an application such as HelpViewer.app won't compile, what's stored in what folder in the GNUstep directory etc.. Basic, user stuff.

Any feedback is much appreciated. I fear my friend will throw things at me, at least metaphorically, if I utter yet another newbie question at 2am. Best one yet was "ok, and why the <expletive> do I have a 'Tool' icon in GWorkspace? It's a text file!" - "because you set the permissions to executable?" - "err."


P.S. I understand most people regard GNUstep's main intent to be a developer's environment. You know, for devs. ;) Still, if GNUstep is also meant to find wider appreciation outside of coder's circles, something has to be done regarding "end user" documentation, FAQs etc.. For instance, I showed GNUmail to a couple of people who went "yes! finally a decent mail app!" and then were dismayed to learn they'd need to install GNUstep to make it run. I'm not saying the gnustep.org website stinks, far from it, but most .apps I've downloaded and installed over the past couple of days could really use some better documentation. As I work as both technical writer and marketing drone, feel free to approach me with questions regarding text for documentation, web sites, FAQs etc.. I'm a rather busy fellow, but, eh. -.rb

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