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Re: GNUstep & FOSDEM 2004

From: nicolas
Subject: Re: GNUstep & FOSDEM 2004
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 01:32:08 +0100
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Selon Fred Kiefer <address@hidden>:

> No reason to get upset. As usual there are a lot of different oppinions 
> in this mailing list. And I, for example, like your idea of a shared 
> panel very much. I think this years GNUstep presentation should be 
> focused on user applications, as during the last year we made the 
> greates progress in this area. And OGo is surely the most wellknown 
> application in the bigger GNUstep environment.

I second Fred here... a joint effort between OGo and GNUstep would be a very 
good thing, and we should focus more on applications this year.. (plus the 
classic (?) Gorm demonstration...)

> What about presentations on some of the interesting application, that 
> where writen/completed in the last year? Of course we should also give 
> short talks on Gorm and Renaissance, to catch the atention of new 
> GNUstep users. Or just use these, when showing how to extend the given 
> applications?
> Who would be willing to do presentations at all? I intend to be at this 
> FOSDEM, but don't have anything to show, being to lazy to develop 
> something in the last year now shows.

I could do a small presentation of the Help system (HelpViewer, how to 
create help files, etc.). I really hope to improve the help system current 
state before the Fosdem, but even if I can't, a quick presentation of the 
current Helpviewer method could be interesting. Or not, you decide ;-)  
Anyway, gnustep's people are encouraged to do some presentations ! take 
advantage of the fosdem -- the audience won't be very large (mostly gnustep 
devs), but it's interesting nonetheless. 

Nicolas Roard 

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