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Re: Request for GNUstep HIG and context menu suggestion.

From: Banlu Kemiyatorn
Subject: Re: Request for GNUstep HIG and context menu suggestion.
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 07:09:57 +0700

On 2004-01-08 03:59:08 +0700 Eric Christopherson <address@hidden> wrote:

So, If we map the global menu and the context menu, and position the context
menu by default under the cursor, it might disrupt some muscle memory and
give an inconsistent "feel." On the other hand, if the global menu pops up
under the cursor by default, as it does now, the gestures should still
remain pretty much the same, but we will have a visual clue as to what
actions pertain to the currently selected object.

True, but if you accidently click on the item with context menu.
It would have similar problem. So you mean we shouldn't support
context menu in HIG? That's acceptable to me though. But it would
be hard to prevent developers from doing that. So I was thinking,
if it must be done, it should be done in the best way.

Another possible drawback is that a new policy would have to be put in
place, whereby each context menu would need its own place on the global
menu. Current apps would probably need to be modified to follow that policy.

They should change something if it is the goal of the environment.
But nothing would actually prevent them to do what they want. IMO.

As things stand right now, actions pertaining to the current selection can
be found all through the global menu. For example, in Terminal.app if I
select some text, not only the Edit menu but also the submenus of Services
contain actions I can carry out on that text. In GWorkspace if I select a
file, actions relevant to that file exist in *three* separate menus: File,
Tools->Inspectors, and the submenus of Services. In order to make the
proposed scheme work well, those would all have to go in one submenu menu...
correct me if I'm wrong.

This really has the point. From my approach, the most generic kind of actions 
be taken. If the item is to generic for many kinds of actions, it should be
considered calling directly from the global menu.

By the way, I am glad to see the issue of context menus come up again :)

And thank you for your opinions. I'll try to list the good and bad things of 
So please always get involved with the further discussions.


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