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Re: XML idea

From: Fabien VALLON
Subject: Re: XML idea
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 11:02:41 +0100
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Alexander Malmberg (address@hidden) wrote:

Hi Steppers 

> > Alex Perez wrote:
> > > As much as I would personally like to see this happen, it likely never
> > > will for a variety of reasons. First of all, this gives the impression
> > > that PortabilityKit is part of the GNUstep project, which it is not. Maybe
> > > a good compromise might be a script that sits in the root of core/ which
> > > would auto-get portabilityKit via CVS. This could present a few lines of
> > > test saying that it is not an official part of GNUstep, use, at your own
> > > risk, we dont support it, blah blah blah...Would any GNUstep core members
> > > care to comment on what they think of this idea?
> Fred Kiefer wrote:
> > As much as I like to see diversity, I really don't like the idea of
> > forking GNUstep.
> PortabilityKit doesn't look like a fork; it's a separate library that
> implements things that GNUstep doesn't/won't.

Fork or separate library, let them go ahead with it :)

It would be nice if the PortabilityKit team finished some of the classes
that are semi-portable between GNUstep and Cocoa (such as the
NSDocument architecture, for example). 
Do the PortabilityKit team plan to submit fixes for classes already in

>From the other side, I think GNUstep should remove 
poorly-designed / unfinished classes (like NSToolBar and NSDrawer)
and let the PortabilityKit team implement them.


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