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Re: XML idea

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: XML idea
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 01:01:06 +0100

On 09.01.2004, at 00:12, Alex Perez wrote:
I like that idea as well.
However, this does not address the issue of what to do with crap classes
which were poorly designed on Apple's part...Would those be included?

Exactly. IMHO there should be a voting of the core people for each class/part. The voting result needs to be documented on the website.

BTW: of course first there should be a voting on who is considered to be core people, something like the GNOME board. Sometimes it seems to me that some people claim "ownership" on GNUstep just because they are being the most noisy ones on IRC. I was *pleasantly* surprised on that small but significant sidenote of you: "Ultimately, this decision rests with Adam". Thanks for stating that basic rule.

excluded? See the problem? This doesnt fix the problem. It makes it more

No, in my understanding Richard's opinion - which mirrors mine - is to include all classes which are part of Cocoa and be a reasonable clone of Cocoa as long as it doesn't break basic OpenStep compatibility.

Now gstep-base could have a switch "--strict-openstep" or "--without-cocoa" to disable those classes and keeping them in a separate folder should keep people who do not care about compatibility happy.

To me standards (whether industry [read: Apple] or written down) is way more important than a suboptimal implementation.

I'm describing in a paragraph what took 14 hours to figure out. You may want to sniff glue for a while, then reread this when you get out of rehab. [aLa]

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