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Re: DirectFB backend, I'm going for it!

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: DirectFB backend, I'm going for it!
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 03:32:14 -0500

Chad Hardin wrote:


> I can see that.  Putting in notifications at the -gui level for
> everytime something like a window creation, minimize app launch, etc
> happens.  The dock, of whatever sort, can listen to these notifications
> and respond somehow.
> I guess this would mean a new daemon or an extension of an existing
> one.  I guess it wouldn't affect anything if the apps are pumping out
> these messages, they can just be ignored I suppose, and windowmaker,
> kppanel, etc can just keep on doing what they do.
> Speaking of a new deamon, last time I looked,  [NSWorkspace
> -launchedApplications] only returned the applications which were
> launched *after* the calling app waas launched.  (It's supposed to
> return all launched applications).  This looks like daemon material.
> Or maybe the original NeXT way was for the actual WorkspaceManager.app
> itself keep track of these things and provide all these services we can
> get through NSWorkspace?

Yes, this is correct. NSWorkspace is little (nothing) more than an interface
to the Workspace application. Workspace does everything, and NSWorkspace
just talks to it. NSWorkspace's methods _should_ do as little as possible
"natively" (enough to be useful when there is no Workspace running, and no
more). This means that, for example, -launchedApplications should always
return only information about the application object (if any) that sent the
message. If run in a tool, it should return an empty array.

This also means that (for example) -iconForFile: should return, by default,
generic images. No thumbnails, no app-provided icons, etc -- generic folder
images for folders (including app packages) and "unknown" icons for
everything else.


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