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[PATCH] Framework shlib versioning

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: [PATCH] Framework shlib versioning
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 08:37:47 -0500

Some time ago, we had a discussion about frameworks and framework mobility.
One of the things that I brought up was that frameworks are not versioned.

Well, it turns out that frameworks _are_ versioned, but the version used is
that of the $(VERSION) make variable, otherwise only used for building

Attached is a patch that makes the shlib version and soname filenames
contain a framework's version name. If a version name contains one or more
periods, it will be split as normal to form the soname filename.

Most of the patch is actually a target.make change that causes this change
to not be circumvented by the shared library build system for the cases
where the version filename and the soname filename are the same (like the
default case of "A").

Obviously, this can assist with libraries as well, because $(VERSION) is not
checked to ensure it has at least one period in it, and because libraries
with a single version element are valid.

This makes it possible to have multiple versions of a framework installed,
and they will still be found by the dynamic linker...which, I am pretty sure
we will all agree is a Good Thing(tm).

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