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Re: DirectFB backend, I'm going for it!

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: DirectFB backend, I'm going for it!
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:58:22 +0100

Chad Hardin wrote:
> On Jan 9, 2004, at 4:19 PM, Alexander Malmberg wrote:
> > That said, I (still) have a TODO for implementing window decoration
> > drawing in -gui that could be used in backends that don't have any
> > "native" window decorations. In short, the plan is to have a
> > -(BOOL)handlesWindowDecorations in GSDisplayServer. If the backend
> > returns NO, things behave like they do now. If it returns YES, -gui
> > will
> > include window decorations in the window, and will handle movement,
> > resizing, etc. by itself.
> Oh nice.  It seems only fitting that I work on this, since I was
> planning to do it in the backend anyhow.  Plus, I'm the only one who
> currently has a need for such a thing.

Well, I'm working on it because I have a need for it for other
experimental backend stuff. :) Anyway, I have it mostly worked out. I'll
send you patches of the work in progress today or tomorrow.

> > Depending on what you actually need to do, distributed notifications,
> > DO, something dfb-specific, or something completely different may be
> > the
> > most appropriate. :)
> I was thinking something in the gnustep-gui arena.  I guess there can
> be a distributed object, held by a dock or whatever, which each app
> sends messages to when something happens to them (like iconifying
> windows, change the appicon, create their appicon, etc).  I suppose a
> NSDistributednotificationCenter could fit in as another possibility.
> Have a basic daemon which runs the center and sends notifications to
> the dock, or whoever is interested.

But the things that are interested vary a lot between systems, and may
not even be GNUstep things (eg. on windows, or if you want to integrate
properly with gnome or something). Thus, -gui should tell the backend,
but it's the backend that is responsible for telling everyone else. If
you're going an all-GNUstep route, it would probably be appropriate to
use distributed notifications or DO and a 'display server/desktop'
daemon (which may or may not be integrated in the dock app; crash
proofing and generality vs. simplicity).

- Alexander Malmberg

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