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Re: NSToolbar (was Re: Portability/Compatability between GNUstep <---> C

From: Quentin Mathé
Subject: Re: NSToolbar (was Re: Portability/Compatability between GNUstep <---> Cocoa...)
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 18:31:00 +0100

Le 12 janv. 04, à 16:34, Fabien VALLON a écrit :

Uli Kusterer (address@hidden) a écrit:
I know at least one core developer who will likely fight the inclusion
of NSToolbar. Many think Apple's Toolbar implementation sucks.


just read that in the GNUstep/Cocoa thread and became curious: What are
the reasons for this dislike of NSToolbar? I'm a happy Cocoa user and
I'm just curious.

I bloat NSWindow.

"bloat" is perhaps a little strong. It's true the design is not perfect... … I'm currently writing the NSToolbar implementation for GNUstep from the existing skeleton class and there are two major changes to NSWindow to have it working :
- setToolbar: method
- toolbarView support must be added to window root view _wv (reason : broacast the window events)

I think to have a limited working implementation soon, but with clearer code than Apple one (I take a look at it with classdump).


Quentin Mathé

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