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Re: NSToolbar (was Re: Portability/Compatability between GNUstep<---> Co

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: NSToolbar (was Re: Portability/Compatability between GNUstep<---> Cocoa...)
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 01:33:54 +0100

Kazunobu Kuriyama wrote:
> This statement makes me very anxious.  Last month I sent a patch which
> rectifies some behaviors of NSImageView, which is not specified by OpenStep
> spec, but by Cocoa one.  Seemingly my contribution is not welcome and thus
> ignored.  Sign.

It wasn't ignored, it just fell through the cracks (or get really
delayed, depending on how you look at it). This is free software, and
(most? all?) of those working on it are volunteers with a finite amount
of time to spend on it, so I think this it to be expected. I know that
I, at least, have tons of TODOs for GNUstep and other projects, so
things do get pushed aside by high-priority stuff, and sometimes lost
completely. Thus, please don't interpret this as your contribution not
being welcome. (If I thought it wasn't, I would have told you so. ;-)

Anyway, as a general suggestion, if there've been no replies about a
patch for a few weeks, a gentle reminder ping would be nice. :) Filing a
proper bug/patch report on savannah is also a good idea; that way, it
won't be lost.

- Alexander Malmberg

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