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Re: FW: NSToolbar

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: FW: NSToolbar
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 00:10:35 -0500

"Mondragon, Ian" wrote:

> while i realize that it was an argument provided, and that this was
> simply a reiteration of what has been said here, can we please drop the
> "cuz it comes from apple" argument?

It is not an argument, has never been one, and hopefully never will be.

It is a convenient straw man for people to use to beat whose of us who think
GNUstep is better-served by going in a direction other than that which Apple
is currently travelling.

> and whoever truly thinks along these lines should wake up and realize
> that the only reason that objective-c is enjoying the massive revival
> that it is, is because of APPLE.

The language is, frankly, irrelevant; the things that the language allows
you to do are what matter.

You're not seeing an Objective-C revival, you're seeing a Mac revival which
largely does not affect anyone else.


> ...and the same holds true for the GNUstep project itself; in fact,
> there are *still* people in the OS X community that have never heard of
> GNUstep.

And they would have little reason to care even if they had heard of it.

> so please - just drop the "evil-apple" garbage...we've already got
> plenty of large corporations to dislike just for the sake of having a
> stance.

Indeed. Go ahead, drop it. The rest of us never picked it up in the first

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