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PostScript wrappers

From: Chris B. Vetter
Subject: PostScript wrappers
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 16:16:56 -0800


I was trying to port an old(er) framework to GNUstep, that included a
couple of .psw files.

Converting those to plain C files wasn't a problem for -make, however,
compiling the library failed, since there were references to
DPS-functions that are missing. I found those eventually referenced in
gnustep-dgs, deep down in -dgs/DPS/include/DPS/dpsfriends.h
Adding the headers did help compilation, but linking of course failed,
since there were now unreferenced function calls...

My question is, whether there are plans to write a wrapper for the
current backend(s) that implements these, or whether it's even feasible
to do so.

I think it might be a good idea to have them around, as there are still
some good frameworks and even some applications that would be a boon to
have ported to GNUstep.


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