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Announce: Cenon

From: Georg Fleischmann
Subject: Announce: Cenon
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 00:56:17 GMT

We are happy to announce Cenon in it's first release as free software
(Version 3.60 beta 9). You can find Cenon at:


*** What is Cenon ? ***

Cenon is a flexible design software with a wide range of applications in
desktop publishing, vector graphics conversion etc. Cenon can be extended
by modules (bundles) to provide special functionality.

Key features:
- import/export of vector graphics formats like HPGL, PostScript, Gerber,
  DXF, and more
- Editing of graphic elements like lines, curves, arcs, text,
  complex paths, poly lines, text on path etc.
- DTP functionality for exposing images, color shading, color separation,
  thumbnail images, etc.
- Extension of Cenon with bundles
- Cenon runs on GNUstep, OpenStep and Mac OS X

Cenon is free software and is released under the vhf public license (vhfPL).
We have taken the freedom to create our own free software license for
reasons of diversity. The vhfPL is compatible to most free software licenses.

You can find more information on Cenon at

*** Cenon on GNUstep ***

At the moment we run Cenon with the default X backend. Since
text scaling and rotation is not implemented there, the Art backend
might be preferable but is not yet working with Cenon.

Text used to work in earlier versions of GNUstep, but is somewhat
broken since the huge text changes in GNUstep of early last year.

*** Authors ***

Cenon was written by
Georg Fleischmann <address@hidden> and
Ilonka Fleischmann <address@hidden>.

*** What will the future bring ? ***

A stable Cenon for GNUstep.
There are only a few bugs left which need to be fixed.

Text on GNUstep needs to be improved:
- exceptions when editing text
- the visible rect of text is shifted badly when editing text
- scaling and rotation of text with the X backend is not implemented

Some raster image functions of Cenon like vectorization need to be
debugged and fixed in GNUstep.

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