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ANN: Tryst 0.6.1f

From: Chris B. Vetter
Subject: ANN: Tryst 0.6.1f
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:46:23 -0800


after giving some consideration I decided to officially announce the
release of Tryst, version 0.6.1f.

What is it

One word: Rendezvous

Tryst provides two programming APIs, a Multicast DNS daemon and a
'hidden' library that glues everything together.

  DNSServiceDiscovery and NSNetServices,
  enable Tools and Applications to register services they offer, browse
  for services on the network, and obtain the current IP address and
  port  of a given service instance. The implementation follows Apple's

  a daemon invoked at boot time to implement Multicast DNS and DNS
  Service  Discovery.

  the 'glue' between the APIs and the daemon. Since common UNICES do not
  have MACH ports, this library implements the communication via IPC


Tryst is only fully tested on FreeBSD and Debian (I don't have any other
distribution). Since Tryst is based on Apple's official release, other
UNICES should also work -- it's just not tested.

Whenever Apple modifies their implementation, Tryst will be updated to
reflect those changes.

I tried to follow Apple's specifications as close as possible, but I'm
sure there are a few things that could be implemented in a better way,
or are wrong due to my understanding the documentation. However, I've
been testing Tryst for almost 4 weeks now and couldn't find any problems
(yes, I'm aware that doesn't say much ;-)


The only requirement would be an already installed GNUstep-make and

By default, everything is installed under /Local, not /System.
Please note, that the daemon must be started as 'root', although it will
change to user 'nobody' after initial setup.


The mDNSResponder and libmdns are (almost, I just make sure they compile
without warnings or errors) unmodified versions of Apple's mDNS code
that can be found on OpenDarwin.
Therefor, they are under the APL

DNSServiceDiscovery and NSNetServices are based on GNUstep and are
therefor free of any code written by Apple.
Those two are under a Dual BSD/GPL

Please note, IANAL, so if I violate the APL by bundling mDNSResonder
and libmdns, please let me know and I will change whatever is needed to
accomodate Apple's license.

Where to get it

Currently, the 'official' web side is


You will also find a link to some screenshots of example applications
that were model'd after some Cocoa examples for Rendezvous.


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