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Re: ComboBox in TableViewColumn

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: ComboBox in TableViewColumn
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2004 15:07:45 +0100
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Andreas Hoeschler wrote:
We make heavy use of combo boxes in NSTableViewColumns on MacOSX. We set stuff up like this:

NSComboBoxCell *comboBoxCell = [[FormComboCell alloc] initTextCell:@""];
                    [comboBoxCell setBordered:NO];
                    [comboBoxCell setBezeled:NO];
                    [comboBoxCell setEditable:NO];
                    [comboBoxCell setControlSize:NSSmallControlSize];
                    [comboBoxCell setDrawsBackground:NO];
                    [tableColumn setDataCell:comboBoxCell];

This works pretty well on MacOSX. Under GNUstep the combobox is displayed, but it does not work properly. Clicking on the arrow does nothing. Has anybody got this working or an idea why the current GNUstep implementation shows such behaviour?

Hi Andreas,

it would surely help, if you could report this as a bug on our savannah page. Currently there are no automatic mails send from savannah, still it will keep track of any changes to the report and bug reports never will get lost, which they may on this mailing list.

The problem most likely comes from the mouseDown: code in NSTableView and I must plainly admitt, that I don't have a clue what the current code there tries to do. All that complicated code there seems to be geared at the tracking of columns, which I would only expect in the header view and there is never a call to the method trackMouse:inRect:... of the current cell, which would fire up the combobox. I will have another look at that code, but it surely would help if somebody could comment on the intended behaviour of the current implementation.


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