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Re: ViewPDF, PDFKit & new xpdf release

From: stefan
Subject: Re: ViewPDF, PDFKit & new xpdf release
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 10:57:37 +0100 (CET)
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>  > This news are really exciting to me.
> As they are for me. Any estimate for the next release? :D Will you keep
I guess sometime in two weeks from now. The work of integration will
simplify PDFKit and won't cause much work. That's at least what i guess
after looking at the release yesterday evening.

> the "experimental" feature in it as well? It worked very well for me,
The exepermintal feature will become the default :-) You won't have
any other options (see below).

> using the art backend, and not at all with xlib. Still, It's bloody fast
> and produces mostly good output, hence the question.
The new version will use the rasterizer from xpdf instead of implementing
it's own. The rasterizer produces an image, that's what the current
'experimental feature'balso does. The new rasterizer will be even faster
(as far as i can see now) and be usable on xlib and backart. The only
requirement is the freetype library, but that's a requirement for backart
too plus this lib should be installed on most systems.


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