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Re: hide the menu

From: Sascha Erni, -.rb
Subject: Re: hide the menu
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 10:52:53 +0100
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Good morning everybody,

Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf wrote:

Btw. I think this little trick is a rather nasty "feature" of GNUstep: What besides the purpose to position a menu willingly off-screen is this intended for? I see only problems arise from this: What if an user positions the menu of an app accidentally off-screen (for instance by reducing the screen resolution)? Off course this can be fixed by fixing the defaults entry, but I think this is _not_ userfriendly (since this solution doesn't occur to the "victim" naturally). I think menus that got possitioned off-screen should return to an on-screen location the next time the .app is launched.

Agreed. How does GNUstep position app menus? If it's relative to current screen size, it shouldn't be a problem, as 0/0 would always be the top-left corner of the screen, regardless of resolution. If it's absolute, we might run into problems. I have never changed my DFP's native resolution, so I wouldn't know.

On a related note, I would prefer screen edge attraction for the menus, if possible with a configurable "snap distance" à la Window Maker. I am forced to work on Windows at work, for the time being, and I'm using a home-made LiteStep theme to counter some of the shortcomings of the Windows shell and GUI. My right-click application menu is draggable, snaps to the screen edges at about 8 pixels, but still can be moved off-screen if so desired. Menus and other GIU elements are always positioned relative to the screen edges, i.e. 0/0 is top left corner, -0/0 is top right corner, -0/-0 is bottom right corner and so on. It's nigh impossible to lose menus, windows or the like through changing the screen's resolution. OK, you can hardcode positions with absolute values, but why would you do that? ;)

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