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Re: hide the menu

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: hide the menu
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 10:21:31 +0000

On 27 Jan 2004, at 09:37, Lars Sonchocky-Helldorf wrote:

discuss-gnustep-bounces+lars.sonchocky-helldorf=bbdo- address@hidden
wrote on 26.01.2004 22:05:48:

simply position the menu off-screen using a defaults entry. I can't help

you with the  specifics of how to do this but I know others use it
routinely and that it works fine.

Btw. I think this little trick is a rather nasty "feature" of GNUstep:

And NeXTstep, OPENSTEP, and MacOS-X

What besides the purpose to position a menu willingly off-screen is this
intended for?

The idea is that the position of menus for an application is saved so that,
the next time you run your application, the menus appear where you left
them.  The purpose of the defaults system is to save just this sort of
user specific information.

 I see only problems arise from this: What if an user
positions the menu of an app accidentally off-screen (for instance by
reducing the screen resolution)?

There is a different set of menu location defaults for each screen resolution.

Off course this can be fixed by fixing
the defaults entry, but I think this is _not_ userfriendly (since this
solution doesn't occur to the "victim" naturally). I think menus that got
possitioned off-screen should return to an on-screen location the next
time the .app is launched.

But not if it's deliberately positioned off screen by the user.
If it's just a screen resolution change this should not be a problem because the saved position for the screen resolution should be used, and if there is
no saved position, the menu should appear in the top left corner anyway.

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