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focus problems

From: Rob Burns
Subject: focus problems
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 10:30:36 +0700


More fodder for those working on focus issues....

I have some difficulties with using XIM input and apps that have panels. I usually have gnumail running with the Mailboxes panel open. If I compose a new mail (new mail window has focus), type a bit, and then activate the XIM input server, then type some more. when I then toggle the input server back off (so the text that you just typed in gets put into the mail), the Mailboxes panel gets focus. The text gets placed in the mail window fine, but to continue typing, its necessary to click on the mail window, to give it focus again. The behavior is also the same, when using TextEdit with the font panel open. And, with a small expense tracking app I have, that uses a panel.


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