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Re: Problems with gnustep-gui in Cygwin

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: Problems with gnustep-gui in Cygwin
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 00:25:36 +0100
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Alex Perez wrote:
Maybe for the sake of Win32 GNUstep coders we could have an archive of "known good" DLL's for Windows somewhere on our FTP site. What do you think? Some sort of package that could bootstrap win32 builds might be even better.

At least for my recent builds on Cygwin I did not see a need for this any more. Cygwin now comes with all the needed libraries for GNUstep (even ffi is there in the Java package of GCC) and you may use the standard Cygwin setup to download them. The only thing missing in Cygwin is a DLL version of the Obejctive-C runtime and this we really should provide on our web site. OK, I did promisse to document this some months ago, but failed to do so. It is that I abhore, this Window relate stuff so much I tend to forget it.

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