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Re: Ann: Cynthiune 0.9.1

From: Wolfgang Sourdeau
Subject: Re: Ann: Cynthiune 0.9.1
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 17:11:42 -0500
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I failed to mention the requirements (although they are now listed in
the README):

- GNUstep packages:
  Make 1.9.0, Base 1.9.0, GUI 0.9.1 and Backend 0.9.1
- mp3 support:
  libid3tag and libmad 0.15.0b 
- ogg support:
  libvorbis 1.0.1 and libogg 1.1.0 
- esound output support:
  libesd (http://www.tux.org/~ricdude/download.html)


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