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Re: $GNUSTEP_DEFAULTS_DIR not set/exported in GNUstep.sh

From: Sheldon Gill
Subject: Re: $GNUSTEP_DEFAULTS_DIR not set/exported in GNUstep.sh
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 11:49:13 +0800
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> <address@hidden> wrote:
> > This is a problem for me because I am working on improving WindowMaker's
> > GNUstep integration. If $GNUSTEP_USER_DIR is set to ~, by default the
> > Defaults/ directory is in the users' homedir, which is ugly. I place it
> > in ~/Library, which, incidentally is also where it is in OS X (Except
> > it's named Preferences).
> >
> > By default, WindowMaker puts its' defaults file in
> > $GNUSTEP_USER_DIR/Defaults this path is hardcoded in serveral place in
> > the WM source as $GSDIR/Defaults (when $GNUSTEP_USER_DIR is set,
> > $GSDIR=$GNUSTEP_USER_DIR) This is bad. However, in WindowMaker's defense,
> > since the $GNUSTEP_DEFAULTS_DIR is /never/ set by default, it has no way
> > of currently doing anything else. If we make this envvar exported by
> > default (as $GNUSTEP_DEFAULTS_DIR=$GNUSTEP_USER_DIR/Defaults) then I will
> > be able to make WindowMaker respect this properly.
> >
> > Nicola, can we pretty-please do this? I don't see any disadvantage, as
> > long as the default for the envvar is set to the same place as it is now
> > without it (namely, $GNUSTEP_USER_DIR\Defaults).

I don't think setting this in GNUstep.sh for export is the right thing, 
really. That would put it into -make while the _real_ issue is for -base.

There is the current provision for using .GNUsteprc in ~ or in SYSTEM_ROOT but 
it's poorly documented.

It is actually very easy to change with my path utilities patch. There's a 
simple DEFAULTS_DIR declaration which you can change  and will then apply for 
all users on the machine. So this will be fixed RSN without needing any mods 
to -make.


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