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Re: $GNUSTEP_DEFAULTS_DIR not set/exported in GNUstep.sh

From: Rogelio M . Serrano Jr .
Subject: Re: $GNUSTEP_DEFAULTS_DIR not set/exported in GNUstep.sh
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 00:51:33 +0800

On 2004-08-03 00:23:24 +0800 Armando Di Cianno <address@hidden> wrote:

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'cuase it seems to only be settable from GNUsteprc.  And since there's
a GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT settable somewhere, using getpwnam() on *NIX's,
otherwise, sort of doesn't make sense -- why have it definable through

I dont think i want to use getpwnam at all when using GNUstep. It seems cleaner for me to leave the c calls alone unless im writing code for GNUstep base...

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