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Re: Image viewer and EXIF

From: Philippe C.D. Robert
Subject: Re: Image viewer and EXIF
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 11:12:14 +0200
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Guilhem BONNEFILLE wrote:

In order to discover objc and GNUStep, I would like to start with some
little project.

I noticed that GNUStep provides TWO imge viewers: ImageViewer and
another I forgot. It seems that these two porject are not able to access
to EXIF data.

I think integrating such hability is quite small to begin. Could you
tell me which is the most active project between the two?

I am the author of ImageViewer, unfortunately I did not have much time recently to spend on this project, but I would be happy to include patches wrt EXIF data reading ;-)

Philippe C.D. Robert

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