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Re: Patch for unicode support on Win32 in GNUstep base

From: Alexander Malmberg
Subject: Re: Patch for unicode support on Win32 in GNUstep base
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 01:58:29 +0200

Roland Schwingel wrote:
> Here is description of our changes:
> To add unicode path support to gnustep we have done two things:
> 1. Create unicode replacements for all methods using  char pathes in
> method arguments.
>    The name of a unicode replacement method is equal to the char string
> method with a preceeding 'w'.
>    E.g. the unicode version of fileSystemRepresentationWithPath: is
> named wfileSystemRepresentationWithPath:

The current methods for converting paths to/from the fs representation
are supposed to convert to whatever the system wants, so if the wide
character strings are what the system wants, that's what they should
convert to/from (and if this breaks other methods that assume that the
fs representation can be used as a c string, those methods should be

Adding a second set of methods for a specific system seems wrong, and
goes against the entire purpose of hiding the conversions behind a
single, cross-platform interface. Why not fix the first set?

- Alexander Malmberg

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