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Re: GNUstep and GTK+

From: Andrew Pinski
Subject: Re: GNUstep and GTK+
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 21:52:40 -0700

On Aug 5, 2004, at 9:00 PM, Adam Fedor wrote:

RMS has asked it is possible for GNUstep to have GTK+ bindings. Note this is not using GTK with GNUstep, but would allow someone to compile an application based on GTK with GNUstep - where GNUstep would interpret the GTK calls and instead create GNUstep objects (windows, etc).

This would be interesting as it could potentially open up a whole set of Linux apps to run on GNUstep. THe downside is it would probably be a lot of effort. I don't have time, so could someone volunteer to look at whether this might be feasible or not?

I thought I had saw an effect for Mac OS X for the same thing for Cocoa but I could be wrong.


Maybe leveraging this will help get this off the ground.

-- Pinski

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