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Re: app wrappers and gworkspace

From: Rogelio Serrano
Subject: Re: app wrappers and gworkspace
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 17:47:35 +0800

On 2004-08-06 17:37:29 +0800 Riccardo <address@hidden> wrote:

well you could put your applications in the tabbed shelf, often accessed items in the shelf that every single gworkspace window has. Or you should be able to dock them around.

I don't want more things from gworkspace. You are always free to make a new, external application as a launcher.

I myself on os-x don't have anything external. I have 2, 3 apps in the dock (I think about monster-docks people sometimes have) just mail, console and maybe a browser, depending on the computer.

then, since all apps are ordered in the Application folder, they are quick accessible with a single click on an Finder window. More sparse applications, utilities can always be grouped in the "favourites" folder.

We can also think about what other desktop environments do, those that were born before windows or in any case thought independenlty of it (i.e. I am not speaking here of GNOME or KDE)


This is a short survey, it shouldn't be thought of exhaustive. I wanted only to show how different environments which may be lesser known handle this point.

- most have a split between "file manager" and "program manager" to sai it a' la windows 3.0. The realizations are however quite different. How the items in the "program manager" are created is however varying. SOmetimes it is only a link, but this is limited, other have some sort of "wrapper". "Wrappers" (in an extended term, I would consider old .PIF files wrapper in this context) extend the functionality of actions and file types and can help to cope with applications not designed explicitly with one or the other desktop environment. SO I would not abolish them, just find a fast way to make a "standard one". CDE has an "action editor" to refine the settings.

- most have a quick-way to access useful files, either a pop-up menu or some sort of ever-resident, small area, that pops up in a menu or a window.

How should we cope this in GNUstep without breaking the OpenStep tradition but considering heterogeneous applications (standard X11 for example) I don't know. This wanted only to be a quick survey of stuff I use (not necessarily endorse) since I saw this discussion was flowing as often into nothing, a flame without data and respect to other solutions.


I hate the start menu. I hate menus so i dock my favorite apps. everything i cant put on the dock i remove from my system. So all i got is whats on the dock. I would like to see the desktop become a single click document based interface. so i can navigate the folders and click on any document and the proper app can automagically run. And of course make the finder the primary filesystem interface. And no links please. A finder window that searches for all apps might be a good idea of a "program manager".

Im doing something about it but im taking the long route. Im starting with reinventing the window system. (I can imagine everybody gasp and curse.)

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