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Re: Printing Postscript Data

From: Stefan Kleine Stegemann
Subject: Re: Printing Postscript Data
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 22:23:37 +0200

Hi again,


@interface NSPrinter (DirectSpooling)
+(BOOL)        canPrinterNamed: (NSString*) printerName
       directlyPrintFileOfType: (NSString*) type;

+(BOOL) directlyPrintFileAtPath: (NSString*) filePath
                 ofType: (NSString*) type
         toPrinterNamed: (NsString*) printerName;

-(BOOL) directlyPrintFileAtPath: (NsString*) filePath
                   ofType: (NSString*) type

+(BOOL) canDirectlyPrintFileOfType: (NSString*) type;

Or something similar
Maybe it would be better to use NSData objects? That way i won't
have to write the ps-data to a file previously. On the other hand,
the NSData object could be rather big ...


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