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Objective-C and Smalltalk; speed of message send

From: Lyndon Tremblay
Subject: Objective-C and Smalltalk; speed of message send
Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2004 12:08:36 +0800

"5 timesRepeat: [ Transcript show: 0 tinyBenchmarks; cr ]"

The average of the 3 highest results were chosen (see
http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/768) . Ports were done to GNU Smalltalk,
C and Objective-C - GCC 3.4 in all cases)

Squeak 3.8alpha (VM compiled at -O3, populated image),
84563764 bytecodes/sec; 3939081 sends/sec

GNU Smalltalk 2.1.8 (no JIT),
52179161 bytecodes/sec; 3667234 sends/sec

Both compiled at -O3,
C Function - 1938968 calls/sec
Objective-C Message - 824973 sends/sec

This is under a system with stable load, tested multiple times. I've had the
Squeak test at "144m bytecodes/sec; 7.7m sends/sec", so perhaps an active
image had an effect here. Um, tell me what I have missed, or what is really
going on. I am surprised enough to not believe it is a fair test.


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