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Re: News on Burn.app

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: Re: News on Burn.app
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2004 01:21:34 -1000

Coolness, where you aware that Apple has a Disc burning framework? http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Carbon/Reference/ discrecording/CocoaDoc/CocoaTOC.html

Perhaps you could split the hard work you've done on GSBurn into an implementation of their framework and the app itself?

I think we need more frameworks, more avenues for integration.

I am no fan of people who ask for big changes but can't/don't help (I'm too busy with the GNUstep printing stuff), my apologies. I just thought I'd throw out a suggestion for you to chew on!



On Apr 19, 1997, at 10:36 AM, Andreas Heppel wrote:

Hi folks,
it's been a long time since the last release of Burn.app, but the project's not dead and neither am I :-) I have been redesigning a lot of things and in particular brought back the multiple window layout on request os some users. Many things have been reworked and improved and I hoped to be able to release the new version these days. Unfortunately, I am not quite finished with all the testing and documentation, but will beon vacation for the next three weeks. Hence, I invite you to get the current head of CVS as a kind of pre-release and try it out. I consider it stable enough to be usable, though not fully tested, yet. If you do so, please give me some feedback, even if I won't respond for awhile, to help me finish this release. Just keep in mind that possible feature requests can find their way into the app only in the next version, as my plan is to release really soon on the base of the current features.
Thanks for your patience, for trying out and happy stepping :-)


PS: The project still lies at SF: http://gsburn.sourceforge.net. From there simply follow the CVS link and further instructions on how get it. The README is mostly up-to-date, at least concerning the required additional software and the installation instructions.

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