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Re: GNUstep and GTK+

From: Martin Häcker
Subject: Re: GNUstep and GTK+
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 01:36:17 +0200

RMS has asked it is possible for GNUstep to have GTK+ bindings. Note this is not using GTK with GNUstep, but would allow someone to compile an application based on GTK with GNUstep - where GNUstep would interpret the GTK calls and instead create GNUstep objects (windows, etc).

Just out of curiosity:

I know that there currently is a great deal of a debate among the Gnome Community that they want to switch to a memory managed language, cause "C is just too unproductive". Till now the only languages that where considered for this effort are Java (RedHat) and C# (Novel)

Well... do I have to see this inquiry from RMS as a try to get a third language into this potpourri?

That would be "mildly" interesting....

cu Martin

p.s.: From a technical standpoint this would do:
- Real Objects
- Real Proven and OpenSource Compiler (GCC)
- No Patents that People are aware of
- Compatible with the Old-C (and even C++) Code-Base with a minimal hassle
- Memory Management with the DehmerWeiser-Conservative GarbageCollector
- Already several trys to marry the languages:
[ot]coder - hehe

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