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Re: ANN: GNUstepWrapper 0.1.0

From: Raffael Herzog
Subject: Re: ANN: GNUstepWrapper 0.1.0
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 14:34:17 +0200
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On Sun, 15 Aug 2004 23:34:39 +0100, Richard Stonehouse <address@hidden> wrote:

1. Changes to the "Actions" sections do not always seem to "take". If I
make a change to the command, click away, then click back, I sometimes
(not always) find the original contents have been restored - and the
original contents, not my changes, appear in the Info-gnustep.plist file
in the App Wrapper when it is saved.

Ooops, serious bug, IMHO. I'll look into this ASAP.

2. Dragging and dropping icons to the Wrapper Factory window does not
seem to work for me, even if I turn on the GWorkspace desktop:

  (a) Only TIFFs appear to work at all. But even for TIFFs,
      although drag and drop appears to have worked - the
      icon shows in the Wrapper Factory window - the icon
      file is not included in the App Wrapper that is saved.
      However, if I copy the TIFF to the App Wrapper by
      hand, and edit its name into the Info-gnustep.plist,
      GWorkspace doesn't display it.

Yes, I've stumbled accross this one several times myself. Still trying to find out why this is. To fix it: You don't need to edit Info-gnustep.plist, just copy the desired TIFF to MyApp.app/Resources/AppIcon.tiff. Note that GWorkspace caches images, it may not be visible immediately.

  (b) GWorkspace doesn't seem to display a PNG or XPM
      even if it is copied manually into the App Wrapper,
      and I think paragraph USAGE/Create a Wrapper/4
      of your README may need revising in this respect.
      Dragging an XPM to the Wrapper Factory window
      appeared to have no effect (and actually did have
      no effect), and dragging a PNG produced a blank
      square in the top LH corner of the window where
      the icon should have been.

Do XPMs and PNGs work with other GNUstep apps (e.g. Inspector.app)?

cu & thanks for reporting,

The difference between theory and practice is that in theory, there is no difference, but in practice, there is.

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