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Re: GNUstep.sh / env sanity patches

From: John Davidorff Pell
Subject: Re: GNUstep.sh / env sanity patches
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 01:57:29 -0700

On 18 Aug 2004, at 03:43, Nicola Pero wrote:
GNUstep1 and one inside GNUstep2.  GNUstep.sh will load the paths from
GNUsteprc instead of having them hardcoded into GNustep.sh itself.
GNustep.sh will look for a local GNUsteprc before the system /etc one.
When you install gnustep-make it will only install a single GNusteprc
either in /etc or in the local GNUstep installation dir.  That's all an
implementation detail though.  It will set the env variable needed by
gnustep-base to detect the GNUsteprc located in the non-standard location.
It will set the GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES variable which is the only variable
needed to execute the makefiles if you are compiling.  It will also set

But how that works is quite an implementation detail -- why do you care
how it works internally?

The more complex it is internally, the more bugs it has, the more likely it is to get in my way... this is a dev discussion isn't it? ;-) I think that we're moving away from the philosophy that made OpenStep great, into something akin to GNOME (i.e. a toolkit, not an environment).

Actually, i would expect that installation one should have hard coded
into it where it lives, since it cannot be easily relocated anyway.

Sure. That 's exactly wht the GNUsteprc installed inside installation 1
will do -- hardcode the paths of where everything is.

The reason GNusteprc is nice is that the paths are hardcoded, but in a
text-editable file with a trivial format, so you can actually change them
if you know what you are doing :-), or you can just look at them to see
what the filesystem layout is ... since we'll be supporting stuff like
installing libraries into /usr/lib for the people who need that, it might be useful to be able to look at the hardcoded paths; if they are hardcoded
into the object files it would be a lot more difficult to view them and
edit them.

I cannot see one single reason that installation of GNUstep libs into /usr/lib would be a good thing, or even desirable in any way. Unless I am missing something very big here, it looks like the only people who want this are people who are fundamentally opposed to some of the basic ideas of OpenStep/GNUstep.

I think that the location should be either hard-coded in, or should be path relative. something in $GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT/Tools should link to, literally, "../Library/Libraries/libgnustep_base.so" or whatever. Being path relative would make relocatable installs simpler.

For developers, there would continue to need to be a GNUstep{rc,.sh}
script to source

That I'd really like to prevent though.


You are correct, this should be the only var needed (except for non-flat, etc).

Anyway I imagine nobody really cares about all those details (except for the conclusion, which is that it can be made to work), sorry for the long
paragraph, thanks for your comments.

I think you have the wrong idea that nobody cares about the details. I care :-D


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