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Re: GNUstep Icons and look proposal

From: Nicolas Roard
Subject: Re: GNUstep Icons and look proposal
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:43:31 +0100

Le 19 août 04, à 16:22, Fred Kiefer a écrit :

Marciano Siniscalchi wrote:
BTW, I really think that a more up-to-date defaul theme for GNUstep is important. It's maybe OK to say that developers should look "under the hood" when considering a development framework. However, as a developer, I want to make sure that *users* will find the programs I write pleasant to the eye and consistent with what they are accustomed to. Notice that I said "up-to-date default theme", not "themeability" (sp?). The latter is potentially more controversial, althouhg it would be useful for the purposes of customization and/or integration with existing DE's.

You may be wrong here. Themes have never been controversial with GNUstep. It is the default theme, that some people protect. Which is fine for me. We have the OpenStep like default theme for these die-hard OpenSteppers and for the rest there are ways to change the look of GNUstep easily.

I think his idea would be to change the default theme to something more "modern-looking". Of course then the classic OpenStep look would still available for the
die hard fans :-)
But frankly, doing a good looking theme is not that easy, and if you want it as the default theme, you need to reach agreement among gnustep users. I hope that new themes will appears after next Camaelon's release, so perhaps somebody will make a wonderful theme where everybody agree on. In the meantime,
no need to change the default theme at all.

Perhaps it would be easier, if an update version of Cameleon (using the new GSDrawFunctions class) could be provided. But even so, changing the colours and the images is easily done.
No need to start another flame war on the default look of GNUstep.

I agree... and I hope to release a new version soon, I'm working on it.
If you want to change colors, don't forget there is a Color prefs module (see backbone cvs) -- while not perfect it let you change your colors easily.

Nicolas Roard
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
 -Arthur C. Clarke

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