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Re: GNUstep.sh / env sanity patches

From: John Davidorff Pell
Subject: Re: GNUstep.sh / env sanity patches
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 16:08:14 -0700

On 19 Aug 2004, at 14:38, address@hidden wrote:
On 2004-08-19 16:59:19 -0400 John Davidorff Pell <address@hidden> wrote:
:-/ The only people who want to be able to change the GNUstep installation
directory after build is packagers who need to roll out an installation into a
semi-arbitrary location. If the /user/ has to re-compile to install it in a different
location, then this defeats your whole argument.

... but if packagers need to do it, then the ability needs to be there still.

I don't understand. A packager should use $DSTROOT so that $PREFIX is still the same place, not to mention that with relative paths this does not matter.


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