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Re: NSTabView resize issue

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: NSTabView resize issue
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 12:40:30 +0200
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Andreas Hoeschler wrote:
Hello all,

I have discovered an incompatibility between Cocoa and GNUstep regarding the resize of an NSTabView. My application works on both Cocoa and GNUstep, but on GNUstep the UI elements are aligned at the bottom of the NSTabViewItem (its view) and on Cocoa at the top (which is what I prefer). I tried to figure out what happens behind the scenes. When I resize the tabView on Cocoa I get

2004-08-20 12:17:54.097 SmartClient[2411] <GSTabView: 0x23ddc70> setFrame {{212.897, 10}, {273.103, 540}} 2004-08-20 12:17:54.098 SmartClient[2411] <GSGrid: 0x1c10e0> setFrame {{10, 33}, {253, 94}} 2004-08-20 12:17:54.098 SmartClient[2411] <GSGrid: 0x1c10e0> setFrame {{10, 33}, {253.103, 494}} 2004-08-20 12:17:54.098 SmartClient[2411] <GSTabView: 0x23ddc70> setFrame {{212.897, 10}, {273.103, 540}}

GSTabView is a NSTabView subclass. GSGrid is a sublclass of NSView and set as the view of the tabViewItem. I am not sure where the second line comes from but you can see that the height of the GSGrid (NSTabViewItem view) is close to the height of the tabView which is what I would expect.

On GNUstep I get the following:

2004-08-20 12:36:33.000 SmartClient[11685] <GSTabView: 363078> setFrame {x=217.5; y=10; width=254.5; height=683} 2004-08-20 12:36:33.000 SmartClient[11685] <GSGrid: 39cec0> setFrame {x=0.5; y=1; width=253.5; height=102} 2004-08-20 12:36:36.000 SmartClient[11685] <GSTabView: 363078> setFrame {x=218; y=10; width=255; height=683} 2004-08-20 12:36:36.000 SmartClient[11685] <GSGrid: 39cec0> setFrame {x=0.5; y=1; width=254; height=99}

That's something I don't understand. The height of the subview (NSTabViewItem view) does not follow the height of the NSTabView. It remains constant at about 100 pixel. I am still not sure whether this behaviour is caused by my sublcasses or by the NSTabView implementation of GNUstep, but since the same code behaves differently on both systems I guess its probably the NSTabView implementation. Can anybody with insights on NSTabView comment this? Is there any reason why the innards of the NSTableView should not follow the NSTabView frame?

Could you please provide a scaled down version of your test code? Than I might be able to have a look. For now there is just the question, which resize options you did set for the GSGrid? maybe the default ones are different between the two systems?


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