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Re: System fonts

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: Re: System fonts
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 13:17:16 -0400

From: Kazunobu Kuriyama <address@hidden>
To: Yen-Ju Chen <address@hidden>
CC: address@hidden
Subject: Re: System fonts
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004 01:52:58 +0900

Yen-Ju Chen wrote:
> Ask user to install freetype and fontconfig and use back-xlib.
> Have encoding and locale correctly set.
> Use font panel in Ink.app to check the available fonts and specify
> them in GNUstep defaults.
> That's it. Very simple.

I think the first stuff finds its right place in a general instruction
for installing the GNUstep packages, say GNUstep-HOWTO. So LanguageSetup
doesn't necessarily need the stuff. Your thoughts?

The reason I mention freetype and fontconfig is because back-xlib has several implementations.
 The oldest one only supports latin character (XDrawString)
A newer one use XFontStruct to display multibytes character (Xutf8DrawString) And there is one which use Xft (freetype) and/or fontconfig to draw character (XftDrawString16).
 I didn't look into the details of each implementation.
 The first and second one use the Xwindows functions,
 and the third one requires third-party libraries.
 And there are two defaults: GSFontAntiAlias and GSXEnableFontSet.
 So there is four possibilities:
 AntiAlias: NO, FontSet: NO => XDrawString()
 AntiAlias: NO, FontSet: YES => Xutf8DrawString()
AntiAlias: YES, FontSet: NO => XftDrawString16(), create font cache if fontconfig doesn't exist
 AntiAlias: YES, FontSet: YES => unknown

I think normal user will be very confused why their fonts doesn't work or show up in font panel
 because of the defaults and installed libraries.
Maybe we should at least remind them the freetype and fontconfig is required in the document.


- Kazunobu Kuriyama

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