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Re: D-BUS versus GDOMAP (Was: D-BUS equivalent)

From: Rogelio Serrano
Subject: Re: D-BUS versus GDOMAP (Was: D-BUS equivalent)
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 18:30:46 +0800

On 2004-08-30 18:09:09 +0800 Nicolas Roard <address@hidden> wrote:

> Le 29 août 04, à 19:49, Alex Perez a écrit :
>> Rogelio Serrano wrote:
>>> is DO similar to d-bus? Or can we implement something like dbus using DO?
>> D-bus is basically "DO Done Right" (with a proper authentication mechanism 
>> and significantly more focus on security. I've suggested a few  times in 
>> #GNUstep (and maybe here on the list as well, check the archives) that we 
>> replace gdomap with it, since it's a lot more secure, more generally 
>> accepted as "canonical", has a much larger userbase, is a  Freedesktop.org 
>> spec/app, meaning that Those Other Desktops(tm) will eventually use it (and 
>> quite possibly Xorg itself at a future date (after 6.8 is released, for 
>> sure)
>> In any event, with alexm's default set, you do not need gdomap running for 
>> local-host DO (you only need it for inter-host DO) Personally I think that 
>> should be the default, but I'm relatively convinced that Richard 
>> Frith-McDonald would disagree with me on that point.
>> If anyone agrees that gdomap should be disabled by default (keeping in mind 
>> that functionality is not lost for intra-host DO, and only for inter-host 
>> DO) please voice your opinion on the matter here. IMHO, gdomap shouldn't be 
>> required to simply run a GNUstep app, since this creates problems with 
>> setup of the environment that cause potential converts to scurry into the 
>> underbrush before we can feed them the Kool-Aid.
> I agree with you, gdomap should probably be disabled by default (as 
> inter-host DO is quite particular case, unwanted by most users, and add 
> security problems..).
> I don't know much about D-bus though :-) -- an implementation of DO using 
> D-bus on linux could be nice. Is D-bus available on others systems than linux 
> ?
> thanks,

DBus is very interesting. I just read the specs. A daemon acts like a messaging 
hub routing messages from one client to the other. If the target application is 
not running it will activate it first. Which may mean actually running the app. 
The messaging daemon can also generate an "event" when a particular service is 
down. Services are defined in a set of config files. Services are just 
associated with executables.  

I intend to use something like dbus to remove the init scripts from my system. 
I will strip init.app down to just the child reaper and launcher for starter 
apps like the messaging daemon itself and login server.

Blood is thicker then water... And much tastier
                            John Davidorff Pell

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