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Re: GUI Servers

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: GUI Servers
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 01:56:44 +0200
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Joseph Graham wrote:
My question is does anyone know of any libraries out there that will support
win32 Objective-C _GUI_ development?  I know that there is a porting effort
on Sourceforge that seeks to replicate Foundation Kit and even throws in
Boehm Garbage Collection support (*cool*).  What I would ^like^ to see is
something that that captures all the window server / pasteboard server stuff
as Win32 API calls and can load IB Nibs.  The reason I am asking is that I
really like the platform for development but redistributing apps with these
process dependencies on Win32 seems really kludgy.  Does anyone else have
any thoughts on this?  I know that GUI servers on *nix platforms are pretty
common starting with X11 and moving from there but on Win32 makes for a
redist nightmare.  I hope someone will correct me on my technical misgivings
here.  Thanks again for your time and apologies if this post if off-topic.

Not sure if I do understand your question correctly. But if you are asking for an OpenStep GUI implementation on Windows, yes there is one: GNUstep. Beside the different Unix system GNUstep runs on, we also feature a windows backend, although it is still unstable. Just check it out on CVS. (And don't use the newest Cygwin, as this is broken)

If this wasn't your question, could you please rephrase it?


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