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Re: Installer UI advices

From: Jesse Ross
Subject: Re: Installer UI advices
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 12:08:57 -0600 (CST)

>> > (And when you do have to do this, the wizard UI seems the most
>> reasonable and efficient way to get through it.  It is easier to
>> rush through a wizard and be sure you've at least glanced at
>> everything than to click around a tabbed or other non-sequential
>> interface.  The wizard is also well-suited to delivering clear
>> information to the user on what stage of an install process failed.)
>> >
>> Agreed -- it's a sequential process, it should have a sequential
>> interface.
> Agreed too. Even if I'm not fond of it, it seems to me less
> error-prone than the non-sequential way.
> But perhaps let people jump through steps easily (if that doesn't
> prevent the installation of course.. ie let them jump if the steps are
> not mandatory..).

What if we have a combination of the two interfaces?

In OS X, the steps are:

1. Introduction
2. Overview/Read Me
3. License
4. License agreement clickthrough
5. Destination selection
6. Installation Type (Easy or Custom)
7. Installation
8. Finish Up

We would probably also also have a list of Package Contents. We will
probably not have a clickthrough, so the non essential items would be:

Introduction, Overview/Read Me, License and Package Contents.

What if the four items above are tabs? They are all optional to look at
(except for introduction is selected as the default), and are all on the
first "page" with a button that says "Start Installation". Along the left
hand side, you have a panel like OS X, but with the steps that are
essential, sequential and merely show an indication of your progress
through the installation. Clicking "Start Installation" would simply bring
you to the next logical step in the process, where you select the location
you are installing to, then you move through the rest of the

So, to reiterate:

Along the left, you have:

1. Package Overview (which is the first panel and contains a notebook with
tabs for Introduction, Read Me, License, and Package Contents)
2. Destination Selection
3. Installation Type
4. Installation
5. Finish Up

I think that solves the problem of sequence, what is optional, and
streamlines the process for those who don't care about reading the license
or seeing what's in the package.



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