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Re: Installer UI advices

From: Benoit
Subject: Re: Installer UI advices
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 10:27:02 +0100


I just want to give my point of view about disk image. I have read the whole discussion and no one mention the fact that I like with them :

It's far more easy to unmount the disk image than to erase a decompressed archive. Moreover sometimes .zip and others are sometimes badly make and don't create a folder to handle all decompressed file and then you have a lot of files totaly disorganized in the folder where you have your .zip. That's something I really don't like, most of the time I create a folder, move the .zip into it and decompressed it here to avoid that, a lot of work ! With disk image I know that whatever is in it i will be able to make it diseappear by simply eject/unmount/move to the trash the mouted disk.



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