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ANN: PhotoClip 0.2.3

From: Vaisburd, Haim
Subject: ANN: PhotoClip 0.2.3
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 22:23:30 -0700

Hello everybody,

After one and a half year of silence I'm happy to tell that this project
is still alive.

I have released the version 0.2.3 of PhotoClip.

PhotoClip is a simple image viewer and editor designed mostly
for digital camera pictures. I noticed that all my picture editing
is rediced to recomposition and than scaling the fragments to standard
size. It felt rather painful to do in Gimp and I though I can run
a program that would just do recomposition, but would do it well.

The version 0.2.3 is the first version that can actually do the job,
all previously announced attempts were just viewers.

New features.

1. I implemented the creation of new image from image fragment with
   rotation and scaling (diminishing only). Scaling takes subpixel
   into account.

   However, this implementation is a mere workaround. I manupulate
   the bits myself instead of using AppKit drawing methods,
   but the manipulations those drawing methods led to the images I could
   save to file. Nevertheless, with this workaround I can make the
   actually work.

2. The file ring is rewritten to hold any paths (it used to hold just
   directory). Now you can open multiple files and directories, both
   the gui and command line.

The program was tested with art backend only and only on local X
Rotation does not work in xlib backend.

More information at the website http://www.vaisburd.net/PhotoClip.
The source is located at

Please send bugs and comments to address@hidden

Thank you,

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